The love of writing 

I love history and stories. The “story” form suits me perfectly both in terms of reading and writing. I need narrative and description while sometimes mixing in reflection, but I am not very attracted to the outpouring of feelings. For me, the novelistic style has lost all its vigor in favor of introspection. Many current authors have thrown themselves into this niche to cure their own anxieties. And each of them pays for a free analysis at the expense of their readers. Much better, it is the reader therapists who leave them a note at the start of the session. This is not my idea of literature. In the effort of writing, there is above all a search for style and argument, and a work of imagination. It is above all in the imagination that creation is read. The writer can only be a witness to his time if, rejecting his role as an actor, he succeeds in extricating himself from time and space to become a narrator. First-person novels are a sham. The use of the present tense of narration, an impoverishment of the richness and breadth of our syntax. We are talking about a refined style in this regard. We aim to slim down writing through fashion, following the example of anorexic top models and certain post-modern painters. We are leading a whole generation of young readers to renounce the subtleties of language. They are diverted from the discovery of classical works. This is a demolition job that I have no desire to participate in. And too bad if I come across as the reactionary that I am not. I'm not any more backward-looking. The themes of my texts speak of our time and sometimes the future. Moreover, I do not hesitate to use the most modern media, in addition to paper books, cardbooks and audiobooks.