Frankenstein syndrome

The Generative Pre-trained Transformer in English, or the “Transformateur Générique Pré-entraîné” in French, is on the verge of destroying what makes the human race original, its cultural creations. He is the latest avatar of our consumer society by showing and hearing what the public wants without any effort at originality. Hollywood screenwriters, but also actors, already accustomed to taming the monster through the use of special effects, saw the danger first. Soon, no film, no musical composition, no painting, no book even, will be recognized without the contribution of Chatgpt or its variants. Already, we can hear the collaborators lowering their pants. It is a support tool, they say, it will allow us to surpass ourselves. Shit! I don't give two decades before art dealers, producers, publishers will seize it to multiply their profits at a fraction of the cost. No more royalties or copyright fees to pay. A godsend and the public will go into ecstasy. We even created prizes, festivals and competitions between machines. All this because little idiot mathematicians who couldn't hold a paintbrush or make a sound out of an instrument or even line up two words to make a coherent sentence masturbated their brains in their virgin's room. And long live the fake! False pretenses, false paintings but real money!