An immense happiness 

Receiving a reward for completed work, whatever the work and whatever the reward, is already happiness in itself. But everything depends on the gratification and above all on the quality and words of those who awarded it to you.
In this case, after this day of October 22, 2023, I can be satisfied. Besides the fact that the theme that I addressed in “All migrants and all mixed race” was particularly close to my heart, knowing my analysis was recognized by informed readers could only satisfy me.
The president of the Jury of the Francophone Manuscript was none other than Michel Dansel, poet and novelist, doctoral student at the Sorbonne, crowned in 1981 with the legendary Quai des Orfèvres prize, fantastic cantor of the troubled and worldly universe of a fantasized Paris.

He was supported in his task by Keltoum Deffous, French-speaking Algerian poet and novelist, winner of the first Blaise Cendrars Prize in 2017 in Pau, winner of the Special Peace Prize at the Mediterranean Floral Games in Narbonne,

As for the person responsible for giving me the prize, it was neither more nor less than Professor Julien Kilanga, man of culture, writer, doctor in French language and literature, full member of the Academy of Sciences, Belles Lettres and Arts d'Angers, professor emeritus of the universities of Angers and Lubumbashi, honorary rector of the University of Lubumbashi, honorary director of languages and writing at the Intergovernmental Agency of La Francophonie in Paris. And his few words spoken in my absence (and yes, I did not go to the ceremony) went straight to my heart.
“After reading this work with all the other members of the jury, (it appeared to us that it) is characterized by its rigor of reasoning, its scientific references in relation to the subject.”
This remains for me the most beautiful tribute.