Sortilèges sur l’Ile Intense les enquêtes du BCS

was published on January 30 2024

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A new detective novel

A deputy from an autonomist party disappears after meeting a sorcerer. His driver's throat is slit and we talk about the monster "Sitarane", the blood drinker who has been dead for over a hundred years. Landed in Reunion, will the BCS team, led by Commissioner Lambert, allow themselves to be bewitched by the spells of Intense Island? In the tropics, death is more beautiful in the sun!

My last essay was present at the Francophone Manuscript Day. He has just received the prize for best essay. 
The debate around migrants is drowning in an ocean of uncontrollable emotions and moving away from the solid ground of established facts. To find a basis of truth, the best thing is to know the subject we intend to debate, the universal history of migrations. Available on my publisher's website and on the websites of FNAC and the best bookstores

extrait sur le site d'Actuallite 

For their final investigation, BCS agents navigate through troubled waters. When the winds of the past mingle with those of Saint Michel Bay, the shadows of Rollo the Viking and the Montgomery family haunt the Normandy coasts, becoming part of the reality of modern pirates. Between barbouzes and bandits, stands the Mount, magnified by its thousand years of existence.

Pompes et circonstances  

An overly curious paparazzi, a policeman caught in a dilemma, an idle insurance agent, a young girl on a paradise island, a Russian policeman in a town at the end of the world, a little girl with a box of matches and many more 'others. What do they have in common? Nothing, except having encountered the Grim Reaper at the turn of their lives. Between puzzles to solve, investigations and improbable outcomes, the characters often have their destiny in their hands. Will they be able to survive it?
Throughout this journey in noir, the reader is immersed in horror, fantasy and sometimes humor. To be enjoyed without restraint!

Soon, the last volume of BCS investigations

n the same. verve that Pomps and Circumstances, a series of youth investigations from the future boss of the BCS.

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