My projects

To your pens!

More exciting than a competition, a community project. If you are passionate about literature, I suggest you write a story with several hands, a sort of exquisite fictionalized corpse. The manuscript thus written will be published, the names of all participants displayed on the back cover and the copyright shared. Grab your feathers and let your imagination run wild!
The writing will take place on a framapad whose link is as follows
Its duration is one year.

"My next collection of short stories

The life of a crime squad cop is similar to that of a bohemian, always on the road, from post to post, from town to town at the mercy of advancement or indictment. During my long career, I have never been able to settle down either in a house or in my love life. Twice married, twice divorced, all I have left is the memory of endless wandering between crime scenes, always so different despite their common character, the culmination of the violent encounter between a victim and his murderer. It nevertheless allowed me to draw a portrait of the human soul. A portrait full of contrasts with only white and black. Color is prohibited there. If, at the beginning, red often dominates, ultimately when the crime scene is extinguished, even the blood becomes dark. It is the contours of this twilight path that I wanted to record in my black notebooks.

In the same. verve that Pomps and Circumstances, a series of youth investigations from the future boss of the BCS.

" My next literary essay

Bedbugs and men

Algae, insects, cats, men, species that invade the earth and reduce biodiversity to a minimum. But what was it like in the past? Giant ferns and large reptiles dominated the planet before disappearing. What if it all started again?