A little bit of me 

Born in Marseille in the 1950s, in a city where adventure is around the corner and the mysterious Orient at its doorstep, I became interested in writing very early on. At ten years old, I wrote my first novel, largely inspired by my favorite readings, Stevenson, Jules Verne and Kipling. Motivated by the desire to transmit, I collaborated between 1983 and 1993 in the creation of a local associative radio station, Radio Provence Culture and I directed the editorial staff of a regional magazine "Vrai ou Faux" while continuing my profession of teacher.

I have published several novels and half a dozen essays. I also got involved in the associative sector, in particular in Amnesty International and in associations for welcoming migrants.

But, I also taught French to allophone and arriving children.

As a French/foreign language (FLE) teacher, I created a school newspaper which received the Mediaticks national grand prize for best school magazine in June 2019.

In my writings, I talk a little about myself and a little about the world, a little about the past and a little about the future. If I had to define my trajectory, I would say that my childhood was the time of reading, adulthood that of action and middle age that of writing.

My totem animal is the cat. Mine follows me everywhere. His favorite place, the keyboard of my computer, especially when I write.

A little bit of me