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Thrills and mystery guaranteed for the fourth opus of the Special Crimes Bureau investigation series. A murder is committed in a forest in Lozère. The victim? Rising Hollywood star shot dead during a scene filming a remake of The Covenant of Wolves. His alleged killer? An obscure supporting role who turns out to be the son of the Minister of Justice. Once again, Commissioner Lambert and his partners will find themselves confronted with a myth, the story of the Beast of Gévaudan. Once again, the past will help solve the enigma of the present. And finally if everything was just a construction of the mind? 

A new investigation by the Special Crimes Bureau. BCS agents, on vacation in Forcalquier, find themselves confronted with a dark enigma of infanticide. Seventy years after the Dominici affair, the rural world has changed a lot. Immersed in the middle of the procession of neo-peasants, Parisian bobos, libertarians of Longo Mai and nazillons fed from the breast of Rock Métal, Commissioner Lambert and his two partners, set off on the trail of a former colonel of the Chilean junta and a mythical treasure.

A corpse was discovered in the Palais Bourbon! Enough to intrigue the police officers from the Special Crimes Bureau who will lead the investigation in a fantasy Paris in search of mysterious killers. Between reality and legend, following in the footsteps of the founders of the Republic, the Freemasons and the Jansenists, will they be able to unravel the threads of the web which envelops the secret of a birth? 

Cardebook version of my novel Paradoxe des Anges

A BCS investigation Two horrible murders on the set of a reality show. Live, in front of a hundred cameras, in a closed structure. But, given financial and political interests, the show cannot be interrupted. Who is the serial killer? Commissioner Lambert's team must solve a yellow room puzzle with multiple twists and turns.

In international politics, nothing happens by chance. Each event is the result of in-depth work, the calculation of a chess player, a clever assembly, a perfect alignment like in a game of dominoes but the balance is so fragile that it would suffice sometimes with the simple weight of a butterfly on the other side of the world...A political fiction to which recent and very real events give meaning...

Reviews composed of a series of articles published during 3 years of President Macron's exercise of power 

Historical essay, sociology of Marseille through its urban policy 

Political essay. How the current Covid pandemic can serve neoliberal policy

DYSTOPIES, abridged and audio version of my collection of science fiction short stories.

A series of dystopian science fiction short stories. Neurasthenics refrain!

The inside story of a social struggle which lasted six months and which profoundly changed the vision of our leaders on the exercise of power.

Story in texts and photographs of the struggle of the inhabitants of a legendary district of Marseille against gentrifiers.