The end is not the end 

That's it. I have reached the final chapter of the final volume of the BCS investigation saga. There will be no others. I will let my characters lead their paper existence alone. I hope they can live for a long time in the minds of readers. I'm a little sad to give them up. I became sincerely attached to these imaginary men and women whose humanity and complexity of their relationships I discovered, over the course of my six years of writing. As a perfect demiurge, I placed them in a formal framework, that of the detective novel and I gave them identities compatible with the genre, the solitary and gruff cop, the woman of action, the dandy psychologist and the equally cold crazy lawyer than his corpses. But, without me really wanting it, they escaped to gain thickness and height. To better enable them to embody themselves, I offered them a temporal space of their own. As you will notice, the time of the story is not the same as the time of writing. I imposed these trips back into the past to give coherence to their adventures. Each volume can be read separately but a common thread links them together. It's up to you to find out, my work is done.

The last volume will be published at the end of December.